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Montanan Land Source's news and events from around Montana that relate to land, ownership, mapping auctions and more.

Posted: July 2nd 2019
Northwest Farm Credit Services has released it's 2nd quarterly Market Snapshots e-Newsletter, with updates on land values as well as multiple regional agricultural commodities. In general, land values in Montana are reported to be up slightly but volume is down.  
Posted: June 25th 2019
NOTICE - Due to the July 4th holiday, The Billings Farm & Ranch Brokers will not be holding thier regularly scheduled meeting. Once monthly, usually the first Thursday of each month, the Billings Farm & Ranch Brokers meet at 8:30 am at the Billings Association of Realtors office at 2021 Overland Avenue in Billings.  At the meetings, brokers and other rural real estate professionals get...
Posted: June 25th 2019
Interesting article on billionaire ranch buyers from Bloomberg, featuring some Montana ranches and ranch brokers. The article covers issues of supply and expectations of high net worth ranch buyers.  
Posted: June 19th 2019
Increasingly, many of our land broker clients have expressed their frustration with the online advertising venues currently available for Montana land listings.  With many existing services, costs have gone up and quality and effectiveness has gone down.  We here at Montana Land Source believe there is great opportunity for the development a superior online advertising venue that will provide...
Posted: June 11th 2019
Montana Land Source has relocated to a new office in the Western Security Building in Billings, Montana.  Located due west of the historic Northern Hotel, Andy Rahn and Andy Bottman are thrilled to be working in the heart of downtown Billings.  Stop by and visit us on the fourth floor in Suite 415.  Also, watch for an open house once we get fully moved in.
Posted: May 21st 2019
The ranch brokerage firm Mirr Ranch Group out of Colorado has posted a blog post titled Land for Sale in Montana: The Top 5 Things You Need To Know.  The broker and post author Daniel Carter relied extensively on Montana Land Source data for the blog post.  Top land brokerage firms utilize Montana Land Source data and information for understanding the Montana land market.    
Posted: April 18th 2019
The joint meeting of the Billings & Bozeman Farm & Ranch Brokers in Big Timber on April 17, 2019 was well attended, with brokers coming from as far as Malta and Glasgow.  Joel Silverman, Tax Attorney at Silverman Law Office in Bozeman & Helena, gave an interesting and insightful presentation entitled “1031 Basics Including New Rules & Opportunity Zones.”  Opportunity Zones...
Posted: April 15th 2019
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released the 2017 Census of Agriculture, highlighting land use and ownership, operator characteristics, production practices, income and expenditures of agriculture nationwide.  The Census of Agriculture is a census conducted every five years by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) that provides the only...
Posted: April 9th 2019
We are pleased to announce new advertising opportunities through Montana Land Source.   Montana Land Source is the top source for the rural Montana land market, and as such is an effective venue for advertising land for sale and rural real estate services.  We have two new limited advertisement opportunities: ads in our Weekly Montana Land Report email and a pop-up ad on our public Map-App. ...
Posted: March 13th 2019
Montana Land Source is pleased to announce the release of a free and public version of our online Map Application.  Previously, the map app was only available to Montana Land Source subscribers.  Now the public can access all active Montana listings in our easy-to-use online map.  By subscribing, users can access full property information, as well as mapped pending sales and sales, and use...