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Prairie County Land sells at auction

Prairie County Land sells at auction

1561.86 acres of agricultural land was successfully sold at auction, on May 10th, 2023 in Circle, Montana. Attendance at the the action was good, the room at the Vet's Club was full. Rick Kniepkamp from R-K Statewide Auction Service was the auctioneer.

The property sold for $1,250,000, and sold to an area operator. According to a local appraiser who is familiar with land class allocation in the area, the sale price reflects about $1125/acre for the cropland and about $650/acre for the grazing land. There is a small home, a machine shed and some grain bins on the property.

I think an auction can be considered a success when an hour after the auction, the auctioneer, the seller and the buyer are all sitting together having a drink with many laughs together!