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Montana Land Events

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Upcoming Events from around Montana that relate to land, ownership, mapping, auctions and more.

Montana Farm & Ranch Brokers Association

Montana Farm & Ranch Brokers monthly meeting

Posted: March 30th 2022
Coming up in 2 days 8 hours
July 7th 2022
Once monthly, usually the first Thursday of each month, the Montana Farm & Ranch Brokers meet to network, hear presentations on topics relative to the rural Montana land market, and to share their new listings as well as to discuss properties they are looking for on behalf of buyers.  The group is made up of land brokers, agents, and other rural real estate professionals.  Non-...
Seminar: Buying and Selling Ranches and Farmland in Montana

Seminar: Buying and Selling Ranches and Farmland in Montana

Posted: May 9th 2022
Coming up in 2 months 3 weeks
September 29th 2022
The Seminar Group in putting on the 7th annual Buying and Selling Ranches and Farmland in Montana September 29 & 30, 2022 in Billings, MT. From the Seminar Group, "Owning a piece of “Montana heaven” is becoming increasingly popular, but unique issues arise when purchasing agricultural assets in Montana. Understanding these unique issues can help buyers, sellers, lenders,...
Montana Water Law

Montana Water Law

Posted: May 19th 2022
Coming up in 3 months 1 day
October 5th 2022
The Seminar Group is presenting the 22rd annual Montana Water Law seminar, in Helena, MT. "Once again, we have assembled an outstanding line-up of speakers to keep you current on recent legislative developments and judicial decisions regarding Montana Water Law. This conference provides substantive and procedural pointers for appearing before the DNRC, the Water Court and the district courts,...