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Montanan Land Source's news and events from around Montana that relate to land, ownership, mapping auctions and more.

Climbing Arrow Ranch

Climbing Arrow Ranch sells - highest priced ranch in Montana history

Posted: September 15th 2021
The highest priced ranch to ever be listed in Montana has sold.  The Climbing Arrow Ranch totals 79,582 acres, with 73,180 acres being deeded, and was listed for $136,250,000. The Climbing Arrow is a unique property in the Montana land market, given it's agricultural production, fishing waters on the Madison River and Sixteenmile Creek, elk hunting in the Big Belt Mountains, and its proximity to...
Montana Land Source Land Market Statistics

New Live Land Market Statistics

Posted: September 15th 2021
Montana Land Source has released new land market statistics at  These statistics are live and updated continually as new land market information is obtained.  We indicate the percent change over the past two years, giving a clear real-time picture of trends in the Montana land market. Statistics include: Number of properties on the market Median listing $/acre Median...
Ranch Investor Podcast - Jim Toth from Western Ranch Brokers - "We’ve Been Here Before"

New Ranch Investor Podcast episode - Jim Toth with Western Ranch Brokers - "We’ve Been Here Before"

Posted: September 15th 2021
Jim Toth of Western Ranch Brokers joins us to share how his team of only 3 have completed some of the biggest deals in Montana these past two years, how they are leading sales, and expanding to other states. Of particular interest is Jim’s 30 years of experience in Montana ranch sales and how he compares today’s boom to 2006 as well as why it might be different today. Hear his predictions on...
Episode 11 Season 2 of the Ranch Investor Podcast released - "Practice What You Preach

Episode 11 Season 2 of the Ranch Investor Podcast released - "Practice What You Preach"

Posted: August 4th 2021
The 11th episode of Season 2 of the Ranch Investor podcast has been released, and is titled "Practice What You Preach." Putting it all together: Over the past year and a half we have discussed community relationships, absentee owners, holistic management, regenerative agriculture, new technologies, education, making it fun, cash flow, managing change, and carbon markets to name a few. It is...
Lower Musselshell River Acquisition Project

Proposed BLM Purchase of Lower Musshell River Ranch Rejected

Posted: August 3rd 2021
The falling apart of a proposed public purchase of a large ranch on the lower Musselshell River highlights the shifting underlying values of the Montana land market, and the friction of those changes with the regulations governing public land acquisitions. The proposed acquisition of an 11,000-acre ranch by the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to be facilitated by the Rocky Mountain Elk...