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Montana Land Source monitors the rural Montana land market daily, and maps and updates all property changes. This includes properties that are new to the market, properties that are pending or sold, or properties that have price or acreage changes.

Below are the most current property updates, with the most current updates at the top of the page.
Montana Market Update: Viewing 30 land updates from the last 14 days.
Agency:Pifer's Auctions & Realty
List Price:$1,400,000
Acres:1,865 acres
Location:NE of Glasgow
County:Valley, Daniels
Agency:Powers Land Brokerage
List Price:$3,300,000
Acres:4,658 acres
Location:SW of Broadus
County:Powder River
Agency:Fenton Enterprises
List Price:$1,049,000
Acres:512 acres
Location:North and south of Big Horn
County:Yellowstone, Treasure
Agency:Berkshire Hathaway Montana Properties
List Price:$1,800,000
Acres:608 acres
Location:SW of Dillon
Agency:Berkshire Hathaway Montana Properties - Hamilton
List Price:$3,500,000
Acres:507 acres
Location:South of Hamilton
Agency:Mission Valley Properties
List Price:$895,000
Acres:200 acres
Location:West of Ronan
Agency:Heart of Montana
List Price:$479,000
Acres:240 acres
Location:NW of White Sulphur Springs
Agency:RE/MAX Premier
List Price:$500,000
Acres:251 acres
Location:West of Butte
County:Silver Bow
Agency:Russell Country Realty
List Price:$1,190,000
Acres:532 acres
Location:West of Great Falls
Agency:Clearwater Montana Properties
List Price:$798,500
Acres:514 acres
Location:NE of Anaconda
County:Deer Lodge
Agency:United Country - Western Montana Group
List Price:$110,000
Acres:440 acres
Location:NE of Paradise
Agency:Private Party
List Price:$1,200,000
Acres:867 acres
Location:West of Harlem
Agency:Flying Hawkes Real Estate
List Price:$5,995,000
Acres:847 acres
Location:South of Hamilton
Agency:PureWest Real Estate
List Price:$895,000
Acres:688 acres
Location:NW of Conrad
Agency:Bootlegger Realty
List Price:$850,000
Acres:798 acres
Location:NE of Chester
Agency:Dave Smith Realty
List Price:$475,000
Acres:280 acres
Location:West of Baker
Agency:Phillips Realty
List Price:$2,750,000
Acres:1,194 acres
Location:SE of Lewistown
Agency:Fay Ranches
List Price:$7,000,000
Acres:934 acres
Location:SE of Bozeman
Agency:Juedeman & Co.
List Price:$317,000
Acres:320 acres
Location:NE of Square Butte
Agency:The Ranch Mart
List Price:$256,000
Acres:320 acres
Location:SE of Ballantine
Agency:Bootlegger Realty
List Price:$704,000
Acres:640 acres
Location:SE of Chester
Agency:Private Party
List Price:$4,300,000
Acres:4,300 acres
Location:NW of Crow Agency
County:Big Horn
Agency:Musser Bros
List Price:
Acres:711 acres
Location:West of Plains
Agency:PureWest Real Estate
List Price:$150,000
Acres:248 acres
Location:North of Niarada
Agency:Live in Montana Real Estate
List Price:$1,600,000
Acres:240 acres
Location:SW of Augusta
County:Lewis & Clark
Agency:Glacier Sotheby's International Realty
List Price:$325,000
Acres:321 acres
Location:NE of Babb
Agency:Mossy Oak Properties of Montana
List Price:$3,000,000
Acres:600 acres
Location:North of Willow Creek
Agency:Mossy Oak Properties of Montana
List Price:$2,019,996
Acres:505 acres
Location:NW of Willow Creek
Agency:Mossy Oak Properties of Montana
List Price:$11,551,507
Acres:9,626 acres
Location:South of Willow Creek
County:Gallatin, Madison
Agency:Mossy Oak Properties of Montana
List Price:$2,687,968
Acres:487 acres
Location:North of Willow Creek