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New Map App Released

Montana Land Source map app

Montana Land Source has released a updated map application, with new exciting features and layers.

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The map app was the first product of Montana Land Source, providing for the first time an online map of all available Montana land listings and sales. Since then, Montana Land Source has expanded to become the ultimate Montana land market resource, including land market statistics and analysis, news and events, podcasts and other resources.


New map features:

  • Multiple Sales layers:
    • Recent Sales (<2 years)
    • Older Sales (3-5 years)
    • Historic Sales (5-12 years)
  • New Ownership layer - showing full property ownership boundaries (parcels merged by name)
  • New Historic Wildfires layer
  • GPS location on map


Reach out to Andy Rahn if you have any questions about the new map!

Thank you!