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List Price:$2,999,999
Acres:1,270 acres
Location:West of Wilsall
List Price:$2,750,000
Acres:1,831 acres
Location:East of Miles City
County:Custer, Fallon
List Price:$7,950,000
Acres:9,721 acres
Location:North of Billings
List Price:$518,500
Acres:943 acres
Location:NW of Billings
List Price:$585,000
Acres:640 acres
Location:SW of Forsyth
List Price:$17,000,000
Acres:18,760 acres
Location:East of Grass Range
County:Fergus, Petroleum
List Price:$1,500,000
Acres:877 acres
Location:SE of Billings
List Price:$1,648,000
Acres:777 acres
Location:East of East Glacier Park Village

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May. 1st 2021

How do we navigate the gentrification of western lands and communities?  What impact does this have on the culture of rural communities?  We hear from one of the most experienced conservation easem