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List Price:$3,950,000
Acres:2,728 acres
Location:SE of Cascade
List Price:$1,500,000
Acres:249 acres
Location:East of Custer
List Price:$4,000,000
Acres:3,652 acres
Location:SE of Forsyth
List Price:$1,250,000
Acres:220 acres
Location:SE of Helena
List Price:$6,750,000
Acres:689 acres
Location:South of Darby
List Price:$525,000
Acres:640 acres
Location:NW of Glenn
List Price:$1,850,000
Acres:1,475 acres
Location:NW of Billings
List Price:$499,000
Acres:264 acres
Location:SW of Billings

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Nov. 21st 2020

Free government money in farming and ranching!? Ranch investing must be a "can't lose" proposition!!!