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Recent Market Updates

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List Price:$1,399,000
Acres:317 acres
Location:NE of Fishtail
List Price:$1,200,000
Acres:266 acres
Location:North of White Sulphur Springs
List Price:$995,000
Acres:400 acres
Location:NW of Billings
List Price:$599,000
Acres:280 acres
Location:NW of Havre
List Price:$1,850,000
Acres:315 acres
Location:East of Ovando
List Price:$1,000,000
Acres:204 acres
Location:East of Wilsall
List Price:$11,621,000
Acres:18,300 acres
Location:West of Missoula
List Price:$11,500,000
Acres:4,462 acres
Location:NW of Wise River
County:Beaverhead, Deer Lodge