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As of today, October 15th 2019, in Montana...
676 total properties for sale
1,317,193 total acres for sale
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Montana Land Source maps and tracks Montana land listings and sales including farm, ranch and recreational properties. Property data is updated daily, and there are currently over 2,100 mapped listings and sales. 

Available now… property advertising for brokers and land sellers! Montana Land Source has become the most comprehensive source for the Montana land market, and as such is the most effective venue available for property advertising. Buyers and land brokers use Montana Land Source, make sure your property listing is seen. More information coming soon!

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Recent Market Updates

Montana Market Update: Viewing 8 most recent land updates. Listings updated daily.See ALL Market Updates »

List Price:$3,900,000
Acres:370 acres
Location:South of Drummond
List Price:$1,550,000
Acres:536 acres
Location:West and Northwest of Hysham
List Price:$5,500,000
Acres:4,255 acres
List Price:$585,000
Acres:280 acres
Location:NW of Havre
List Price:$1,050,000
Acres:305 acres
Location:NW of Avon
List Price:$998,500
Acres:317 acres
Location:North of Bridger
List Price:$5,450,000
Acres:3,642 acres
Location:SE of Savage
List Price:$975,000
Acres:1,379 acres
Location:North of Cascade