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Montana Land Market Statistics


Montana Land Source tracks and maps land listings and sales across all of Montana, including farm, ranch and recreational properties, and compiles live market data statistics. 

Being a non-disclosure state, the land market in Montana is characterized by a lack of accurate land value data.  Only Montana Land Source has historic and year-to-date (YTD) data available for both listings and sales, which shows real-time market trends.

The following land market statistics are for properties 200 acres and greater across all of Montana.  We currently have over 3,000 mapped listings and sales.


As of today, February 26th 2024...

Percent Change to Today

  Today   This Date 2022 Percent Change   This Date 2021 Percent Change
Properties for Sale 309   314 2%   334 8%
New Listings 25   35 40%   50 100%
Median Listing Price/Acre $2,495/acre   $2,492/acre 0%   $2,201/acre 11%
Median DOM (Days On Market) 301 days   384 days 28%   367 days 21%

Percent Change to 2022 YTD

  2024 Year To Date   2022 Year To Date Percent Change   2021 Year To Date Percent Change
Number of Sales 26   24 8%   50 92%
Number of Expired/Withdrawn Listings 31   23 26%   24 22%
Median Sale Price/Acre $1,436/acre   $1,102/acre 23%   $1,445/acre 0%
Median DOM (Days On Market) of Sales 169 days   166 days 2%   228 days 34%


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