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How Will Montana’s High Land Values Impact its Landscape?
Posted: July 14th 2021
Andy had the pleasure of being interviewed on Voices of Montana, with Tom Schultz. The value of land across Montana has surged in price over the past year, but what does this mean for local producers?  How will the state...
Crazy Mountain Ranch
Posted: July 2nd 2021
The Crazy Mountain Ranch, otherwise known as the Marlboro Ranch, has been purchased by the Lone Mountain Land Company, a subsidiary of CrossHarbor Capital Partners, who also owns the ...
Climbing Arrow Ranch
Posted: May 12th 2021
The Climbing Arrow Ranch, the largest and highest priced property on the Montana land market, is under contract less than one week after it was publicly listed.  Listed for $136,250,000 and totaling over 73,000 deeded acres, the ranch reportedly is...
Ag Lenders Range School
On: June 23rd 2021 - in 0 sec
Posted: February 23rd 2021
This inexpensive learning experience ($200 for 2 days of meals and refreshments) is filled with fun and the great outdoors.  The networking opportunities are second to none!  Approved for 15 continuing education credits with the state of Montana for...
Ranch sales boom as COVID migrants seek refuge
Posted: November 23rd 2020
The Billings Gazette recently ran an article on ranch sales booming in Montana due to the coronavirus.  The article featured Andy Rahn from Montana Land Source, as well as seasoned Montana ranch brokers, and highlighted the reasons...
Billionaire Cowboys Are Buying And Selling The Largest Ranches In America
Posted: September 22nd 2020
A recent Forbes article highlights the recent surge in market activity for large ranches, due to the coronavirus, and characterizes the new buyers as "billionaire cowboys."  The article references multiple Montana properties, and also features Hall...
Ranching versus Land Investment in Montana
Posted: May 28th 2020
Land values in the rural west, especially in beautiful amenity-rich states like Montana, have been appreciating dramatically over many decades. Where the economic basis for land value used to be the income potential from farming or ranching, it is...
Buying and Selling Ranches in Montana
On: September 15th 2020 - in 0 sec
Posted: May 14th 2020
Owning a piece of “Montana heaven” is becoming increasingly popular, but unique issues arise when purchasing agricultural assets in Montana.  Understanding these unique issues can help buyers, sellers, lenders, attorneys, and consultants to...
Posted: April 30th 2020
The Wall Street Journal has published an article on wealthy city dwellers who have been seeking refuge from coronavirus on remote western resorts and ranches.  The article focused primary on individuals who owned property in resorts and shared-...
Top Five Properties Viewed in 2019
Posted: March 10th 2020
In 2019, saw a tremendous increase in visitor traffic, as the site transitioned from a pay-only site for industry professionals to a public website.  Montana Land Source has become the most comprehensive...