Ranch Investor Podcast co-host achieves Accredited Farm Manager designation | Montana Land Source
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Ranch Investor Podcast co-host achieves Accredited Farm Manager designation

Ranch Investor co-host acheives Accredited Farm Manager accredidation

Ranch Investor podcast founder Colter DeVries recently achieved the designation as an Accredited Farm Manager (AFM) through the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA). Andrew Rahn and Montana Land Source are proud to have been part of the Ranch Investor podcast, which gives unique insider-perspectives to local and regional land markets and interviews industry leaders and experts.

Colter is one of only two AFM's in Montana, and is the only dually accredited farm & ranch broker in the region spanning Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. DeVries is also an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) within the Realtor Land Institute and serves on the ALC Education Committee.

Committed to democratizing ranch ownership, Colter DeVries founded Ranch Investor with a vision of making passive ranch investing accessible to a wider spectrum of Americans through syndicated investment models. Syndication brings together multiple investors to collectively purchase a ranch, enabling shared ownership of the economic benefits. This approach reduces traditional investment barriers, offering a more accessible entry point into both investing and ranch ownership.

DeVries' dual accreditation is a testament to his expertise in agricultural management and rural property consultation as a 5th-generation homestead rancher. It reflects his dedication to ethical standards, cultural preservation, and ongoing educational growth, aligning with ASFMRA's stringent criteria. His in-depth knowledge spans areas such as production, business strategies, regenerative management, and environmental stewardship, positioning him as an invaluable asset to investors navigating the intricacies of ranch ownership. He also offers full-stack services, from syndication and investment advisory to comprehensive brokerage and professional management services, ensuring investors, prospective buyers/sellers, and ranch owners receive expert guidance.

Congratulations Colter!