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Montana Land News

Montana Land News: News and/or Events related to Montana land and the land market.
2021 Chamber AM: State of Housing and Real Estate

Andy Rahn to be panelist for Billings Chamber event: State of Housing and Real Estate

July 21st 2021
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August 5th 2021
Andy Rahn from Montana Land Source will one of the panelists for the 2021 Chamber AM: State of Housing and Real Estate, in Billings Montana on August 5, 2021. Andy has been asked to be a panelist, as the Chamber recognizes...
Crazy Mountain Ranch

Lone Mountain Land Company buys Crazy Mountain Ranch

July 2nd 2021
The Crazy Mountain Ranch, otherwise known as the Marlboro Ranch, has been purchased by the Lone Mountain Land Company, a subsidiary of CrossHarbor Capital Partners, who also owns the ...
Climbing Arrow Ranch

Climbing Arrow Ranch under contract one week after listing

May 12th 2021
The Climbing Arrow Ranch, the largest and highest priced property on the Montana land market, is under contract less than one week after it was publicly listed.  Listed for $136,250,000 and totaling over 73,000 deeded acres, the ranch reportedly is...
South Crazy Mountains Land Exchange Approved

South Crazy Mountains Land Exchange Approved

May 4th 2021
The Forest Service has approved two public/private land trades in the southern Crazy Mountains.  The land swap totals 1,900 acres and is valued at over $1,700,000.  The land trade is only a small portion of what has been proposed, with the remaining...
2020 Montana Land Sales

2020 Montana Land Market Statistics Available

March 10th 2021
Andy Rahn gave a presentation to the Montana Farm & Ranch Brokers Association on the 2020 Montana land market in review, and early trends of 2021.  The Montana land market in 2020 was very dynamic, and the statistics from...