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The Ranch Investor Podcast

Ranch Investor podcast


Andrew Rahn and Montana Land Source are proud to be part of the land investment podcasts.  Along with co-host Colter DeVries, we give unique insider-perspective to local and regional land markets, as well as processes and procedures that prospective land investors may take to accomplish their goals of becoming a land investor, giving specific tools and aspects used to analyze ranch values and markets.

We interview industry experts and share our knowledge on how to invest in and manage your own operation.  On the podcasts, we reference specific consultants, managers, brokers, appraisers, tools and resources.

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Andy has been a guest on some other great podcasts, check them out here:

How will Montana's High Land Values Impact its Landscape?
How Will Montana’s High Land Values Impact its Landscape?
Mapped Out with Andy Rahn
Mapped Out with Andy Rahn

The Ranch Investor podcasts are available here, and anywhere you access podcasts.

All The Ranch Investor episodes:

Does Independence Matter?

Posted: July 8th 2022
What does political and financial independence look like? In this episode we sit down with Gary Buchanan, life-long political and financial independent, who has decades of experience as a financial...

Why Cap-Gains Taxes Matter to You and I ?

Posted: June 24th 2022
When will you have to pay the piper for his music? Be sure to check out Episode 6 of Season I with Max Hansen for a more technical “in the weeds” detail on IRS Section 1031 Deferment of Capital Gains...

How The Market Values A Ranch?

Posted: June 14th 2022
George has seen it all. From wind, oil, and gas developments to railroad, pipeline, and transmission line easements. In areas where elk, conservation, and recreation may be the highest and best use,...

What Do Investment Bankers Think of Ranch Lands?

Posted: May 23rd 2022
The “Suits” on Wall Street always get a bad rap from mom-and-pop on Main Street. We have one of the heaviest hitters on our show today to set the record straight for “the suits.” Tune in to find out...

What it takes to be a Professional Ranch Manager?

Posted: May 16th 2022
With over 16 years as the principal of his DL Resource Management LLC and having penned articles for likes of Beef Magazine,, and Faye Ranches, Dan drove over 15 hours through a western...

What the hell happened in 2021?

Posted: May 9th 2022
2021 was a record year for ranch real estate…Actually, it was THE RECORD YEAR. No other time in history had seen the amount of sales volume, rapidly appreciating and inflating land values, size of...

Episode 15 - The Hosts

Posted: November 2nd 2021

Episode 14 - Managing Ted Turner's two million acres

Posted: September 28th 2021
In this episode, our guest is John Hansen, former Director of Ranch Operations at Turner Enterprises.After over 20 years of working for Ted Turner, John is starting a new position as  Head of...

We’ve Been Here Before - Jim Toth of Western Ranch Brokers

Posted: September 1st 2021
Jim Toth of Western Ranch Brokers joins us to share how his team of only 3 have completed some of the biggest deals in Montana these past two years, how they are leading sales, and expanding to other...

Practice What You Preach - Roger & Betsy Indreland from Indreland Ranch (Part 2)

Posted: September 1st 2021
Putting it all together; over the past year and a half we have discussed community relationships, absentee owners, holistic management, regenerative agriculture, new technologies, education, making...