Avoid Retirement Pitfalls: Mastering Ranch Asset Survival | The Ranch Investor Podcast
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Avoid Retirement Pitfalls: Mastering Ranch Asset Survival

November 13th 2023

Tune in now to this podcast segment where Colter DeVries interviews Roger Whitney, a seasoned financial planner and podcast host. Roger challenges the traditional idea of retirement, emphasizing the importance of options and time freedom over simply stopping work. He introduces the concept of "agile retirement management," promoting adaptability in retirement planning.They discuss the challenge of finding the right financial advisor, stressing the need to align your goals with an advisor's process and cautioning against advisors focused on sales.The conversation touches on the frustration of unclear disclosure about advisors' compensation structures and the value of finding a supportive financial community, like the Rock Retirement Club.They explore various financial topics, emphasizing the importance of clear vision, regular goal reassessment, and aligning financial decisions with personal values. Strategic planning is highlighted as a tool to filter out financial distractions, underlining the significance of intentional decision-making in financial planning. Don't miss this!