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The Ranch Investor Podcast

Ranch Investor podcast


Andrew Rahn and Montana Land Source are proud to be part of the land investment podcasts.  Along with co-host Colter DeVries, we give unique insider-perspective to local and regional land markets, as well as processes and procedures that prospective land investors may take to accomplish their goals of becoming a land investor, giving specific tools and aspects used to analyze ranch values and markets.

We interview industry experts and share our knowledge on how to invest in and manage your own operation.  On the podcasts, we reference specific consultants, managers, brokers, appraisers, tools and resources.

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Andy has been a guest on some other great podcasts, check them out here:

How will Montana's High Land Values Impact its Landscape?
How Will Montana’s High Land Values Impact its Landscape?
Mapped Out with Andy Rahn
Mapped Out with Andy Rahn

The Ranch Investor podcasts are available here, and anywhere you access podcasts.

All The Ranch Investor episodes:

Unveiling the Hidden Truth Behind Local Beef Production

Posted: July 11th 2023
Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the incredible revolution unfolding within the cattle industry. Know more about the inspiring adventure alongside the visionary trailblazer, Mike...

How Regenerative Ag and Holistic Management Are Changing the Game

Posted: June 30th 2023
Nevada might be known for Sin City and bold anti-government ranchers, but when you dig a little deeper, you'll find the untamed beauty of Nevada's hidden ranches.In this episode, we look...

Witnessing the Evolution of Ranching Across the Years With John Hansen

Posted: June 20th 2023
Discover the resilience of the ranch ownership in the face of global challenges as it continues to adapt and innovate for investors and operators alike. Join John Hansen as he delves into the...

From Bull Riding to Ranching: The High-Stakes Transformation You Won't Believe!

Posted: June 9th 2023
The name Clint Branger rings a bell for all of those who have taken even a slight interest in bull riding.But what made the star take a rest on bull riding and start saddling horses on the family...

How This Rancher Turned a Remote Montana Town Into a Music and Food Festival Paradise

Posted: June 2nd 2023
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ranches, where sprawling landscapes, rugged cowboys, soul-stirring country music, delectable cuisine, and the essence of agriculture seamlessly intertwine...

Is the Ranch Market Crashing? Appraiser Exposes the Truth

Posted: May 24th 2023
Are you currently selling a land property? Wondering about its progress and whether the deal is taking longer than expected?In this captivating podcast episode, we have a special guest, Andy Rahn, an...

The Profitable Ranch: A Paradigm Shift

Posted: May 8th 2023
As a loyal listener of our podcast, you likely have a good understanding of the ranching industry. You may even consider adding a ranch to your portfolio as a high-performing asset. However, there...

Looking to make an environmental difference? Here’s how free markets and competition can help

Posted: April 19th 2023
In this podcast episode, expert Holly Fretwell goes deep into key ranch management strategies for holistic grazing practices, income generation, wildlife preservation, land privatization, and the...

His Secrets to: Cashing in $27 Million in Grants for Farms and Ranches

Posted: March 23rd 2023
Looking to secure funding for your farm or ranch operations? Grants are a popular funding option that many ranch owners and farmers consider to advance their businesses.In this episode, you'll...

Co-Own a Ranch: The Reality of the American Dream!

Posted: March 7th 2023
Is it possible to crowdfund a $10,000,000 ranch?This is not just a theory anymore. In this podcast episode, Atty. Traci Donovan will share the concept of crowdfunding. Her 16 years of regulatory...