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The Ranch Investor Podcast

Ranch Investor podcast


Andrew Rahn and Montana Land Source are proud to be part of the land investment podcasts.  Along with co-host Colter DeVries, we give unique insider-perspective to local and regional land markets, as well as processes and procedures that prospective land investors may take to accomplish their goals of becoming a land investor, giving specific tools and aspects used to analyze ranch values and markets.

We interview industry experts and share our knowledge on how to invest in and manage your own operation.  On the podcasts, we reference specific consultants, managers, brokers, appraisers, tools and resources.

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How Will Montana’s High Land Values Impact its Landscape?
Mapped Out with Andy Rahn
Mapped Out with Andy Rahn

The Ranch Investor podcasts are available here, and anywhere you access podcasts.

All The Ranch Investor episodes:

Practice What You Preach - Roger & Betsy Indreland from Indreland Ranch (Part 1)

Posted: July 24th 2021
Putting it all together; over the past year and a half we have discussed community relationships, absentee owners, holistic management, regenerative agriculture, new technologies, education, making...

Insider Knowledge - Roger Jacobs of Premier Land Company

Posted: July 10th 2021
“When we started, we were hoping to do $15,000,000 per year in ranch sales.We are doing several deals a year of that size alone now.”Roger “Jake” Jacobs gives us his 30+ years of experience in...

Episode 9 - Off To School - Rachel Frost, Ph.D

Posted: June 27th 2021
Is the best ranch investment you can make the time and expense of educating yourself and your people?Ranches and ranch-lands are an investment, at this point in our series we know that this asset is...

Episode 8 – Carbon Markets – Chris Mehus

Posted: June 13th 2021
Carbon markets are currently one of the hottest, most talked about topics in ranch investing.  And why not?  As one of the most promising solutions for combating climate change, there is the...

Episode 7 - Tokenized Ranch Investing - Sean Puckett

Posted: May 29th 2021
Blockchain, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts, Tokenized Investing… What does this all mean for ranch investing?Tune in to hear our thought-leader, Certified Financial Advisor, and Chartered...

Episode 6 - Drill Baby Drill!

Posted: May 14th 2021
Within your “bundle of rights” for ranch, ownership could be minerals. One of Montana’s most successful Wildcatters joins us to share his experience developing minerals and marketing oil & gas,...

Episode 5 - Change is the only constant

Posted: May 1st 2021
How do we navigate the gentrification of western lands and communities? What impact does this have on the culture of rural communities? We hear from one of the most experienced conservation easement...

Episode 4 - Do I really need a professional ranch manager?

Posted: April 16th 2021
With over 30 years of experience as an Accredited Farm Manager who has professionally administered some of the largest and most diverse farms and ranches in the US, hear what actually goes in to...

Episode 3 - Is There More Money In Conservation than Livestock Now?

Posted: April 2nd 2021
Are “environmental markets” the future for Ranch Investors?Hear what the guys from think about carbon credits, habitat offsets, and the future of solar, wind, ecosystem services....

Episode 2 - The “Airbnb for hunting access”? That’ll never work...

Posted: March 20th 2021
Everyone thinks it’s a great idea, but most are skeptical it will work. Does this sound like the makings of a wildly successful entrepreneur? Well, it should, and just like ranching, you can’t be...