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The Ranch Investor Podcast

Ranch Investor podcast


Andrew Rahn and Montana Land Source are proud to be part of the land investment podcasts.  Along with co-host Colter DeVries, we give unique insider-perspective to local and regional land markets, as well as processes and procedures that prospective land investors may take to accomplish their goals of becoming a land investor, giving specific tools and aspects used to analyze ranch values and markets.

We interview industry experts and share our knowledge on how to invest in and manage your own operation.  On the podcasts, we reference specific consultants, managers, brokers, appraisers, tools and resources.

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How Will Montana’s High Land Values Impact its Landscape?
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Mapped Out with Andy Rahn

The Ranch Investor podcasts are available here, and anywhere you access podcasts.

All The Ranch Investor episodes:

Can joining a co-op improve your ROI?

Posted: October 17th 2022
When is it most effective to work alone or work with a team? Round 2 with Rich Bradbury. In this episode, our guest reflected on his experiences working with various groups over the years and...

How Pasturebird uses Poultry to Regenerate Farmland?

Posted: October 4th 2022
What is farming the right way?In this episode, we sat down with Paul Grieve to discuss the benefits of his farming practices to the environment, animals, and human health.  He is the founder of...

How to Make a Co-Op of Ranchers Actually Work?

Posted: September 26th 2022
How is success influenced by working with a co-op of ranchers? Let’s find that out in this episode as we sat down with  Rich Bradbury, who flew all the way from Oregon to Billings, to impart his...

What Are My Fossil Rights Worth?

Posted: September 14th 2022
How do fossil rights influence ranch land values? In this episode, Nate Murphy shares his experiences as a dinosaur excavator and fossil preparations expert. He contracts with private landowners to...

How Do We Value Conservation?

Posted: September 5th 2022
Are you seeing a different attitude towards conservation among new buyers from traditional owners? In this episode, Catherine Semcer who is a Research Fellow from PERC discussed the change in land...

What Value do Carbon Credits have?

Posted: August 23rd 2022
Do you see a day in the future when there will be an exchange in a secondary marketplace for carbon credits?  In this episode, we sit down with  Chris Mehus,  one of our first guests on Season 1 who...

Does Independence Matter?

Posted: July 8th 2022
What does political and financial independence look like? In this episode we sit down with Gary Buchanan, life-long political and financial independent, who has decades of experience as a financial...

Why Cap-Gains Taxes Matter to You and I ?

Posted: June 24th 2022
When will you have to pay the piper for his music? Be sure to check out Episode 6 of Season I with Max Hansen for a more technical “in the weeds” detail on IRS Section 1031 Deferment of Capital Gains...

How The Market Values A Ranch?

Posted: June 14th 2022
George has seen it all. From wind, oil, and gas developments to railroad, pipeline, and transmission line easements. In areas where elk, conservation, and recreation may be the highest and best use,...

What Do Investment Bankers Think of Ranch Lands?

Posted: May 23rd 2022
The “Suits” on Wall Street always get a bad rap from mom-and-pop on Main Street. We have one of the heaviest hitters on our show today to set the record straight for “the suits.” Tune in to find out...