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Advertising Opportunities on MT Land Source

We are pleased to announce new advertising opportunities through Montana Land Source.   Montana Land Source is the top source for the rural Montana land market, and as such is an effective venue for advertising land for sale and rural real estate services.  We have two new limited advertisement opportunities: ads in our Weekly Montana Land Report email and a pop-up ad on our public Map-App.  Currently our Weekly Montana Land Report email goes out to over 4,500 recipients every week, with an over 50% open rate.  We offer advertisers one week per month per advertiser, with three available weeks left to purchase.  Our Map-App got over 1,500 total pageviews in March, with nearly 1,200 unique pageviews.  Call, email or contact us for more information about advertising.

Soon we will be offering property advertising on Montana Land Source.  Individual property listings will be able to be advertised on the public version of Montana Land Source, providing effective advertising opportunities for Montana land brokers and sellers.  Stay tuned for more details on property advertising and rates.

See the attached PDF document for more information.


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