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Montana Land Values

Montana Land Source is the most comprehensive source available for farm, ranch and recreational land listing and sales data for all of Montana.

The following live statistics are for Montana properties 200 acres and greater.


As of today, September 28th 2020...

Number of Active Property Listings on the Market:  493

Number of Pending Sales on the Market:  89

Median Land Ask Price per Acre:  $3,011/Acre

Median Listing Acreage:  640 Acres

Median Days On Market (DOM):  414 Days



Land Market Values, Statistics & Trends Presentation

Montana Land Source tracks and maps land listings and sales across all of Montana, including farm, ranch and recreational properties, and compiles live land market statistics.  Property data is updated daily, and we currently have over 2,200 mapped listings and sales.

Being a non-disclosure state, the land market in Montana is characterized by a lack of accurate land value data.  As a result, there are many misperceptions about land values and there are many over-priced properties on the market at any one time.  Over-priced properties tend to languish on the market, and develop a stigma as being undesirable.  Only about 20% of listings sell each year in Montana, and more than 20% leave the market each year without selling.  Conservatively, of the properties that do sell about 1/3 have been reduced from the original listing price, and the average price reduction is approximately 30%.


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