Montana Land Report Summary 7/15/2020 | Montana Land Source

Montana Land Report Summary 7/15/2020

Jul. 15th 2020

This is a brief video summary of the weekly Montana Land Report from Montana Land Source for the week of 7/15/2020. The Montana Land Report summarizes the week's activity in the Montana land market, as well as Montana land news and events, and goes out to over 5,000 recipients. For more information go to

"Hello, Andy Rahn here with this week's video summary of the Montana Land Report. Here at Montana Land Source we put out the Montana Land Report every week. It goes out by email on Wednesdays to over 5,000 recipients. We put it out as a resource for those that are interested in being informed about the Montana land market. Our Land Report includes new property updates such as new listings, price changes, pending sales, and sales, as well as news and events related to the Montana land market.

This week was an active week with 26 total property updates, including:

• 8 new listings
• 11 pending sales, which is unusual, so lots of properties going into pending and trading
• 5 price changes, with one price raise and four reduction prices
• 2 properties sold

In land news and events, this week the biggest news is there's a proposal for a large land exchange in the Crazy Mountains and in the Madison Range near Big Sky. We have information on that on Montana Land Source. What's nice is there has been a nice interactive map made of that land exchange, and lots of information online. Find all that at, and as well there are four open house public meetings set up for that land exchange in Big Timber, Livingston, Bozeman and Big Sky. And again all that is up on Montana land source.

Thanks everybody for your support and check out Thank you and see you next week."