Montana Land Report Summary 9/9/2020 | Video
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Montana Land Report Summary 9/9/2020

September 9th 2020

This is a brief video summary of the weekly Montana Land Report from Montana Land Source for the week of 9/9/2020. The Montana Land Report summarizes the week's activity in the Montana land market, as well as Montana land news and events, and goes out to over 5,000 recipients. For more information go to Please like, share and subscribe.

"Hi everyone, Andy Rahn here. It is September 9th, 2020. This is the video summary for this week's Montana Land Report for Montana Land Source.

The biggest news this past week has been wildfires. We saw a devastating week with wildfire flare ups around the state. Luckily, we also got some early winter weather which helped tremendously, but most of those fires are actually still burning. Some people don't realize we do have wildfire layers, active wildfire layers on the Montana Land Source map application. So you can actually view current wildfire data, including fire perimeters, when those are mapped and available. So go to the map app and check that out. You can see listings that are impacted, and past sales that are impacted. But on the whole, we're just grateful that we've seen some winter weather and hopefully we'll be wrapping up the wildfire season here in Montana shortly.

This week a little lower in numbers but that's to be expected because of the holiday week.

26 total property updates in the past seven days:
• two properties back on the market
• four new listings
• ten pending sales
• seven price changes and
• three solds

Again, seeing an ongoing trend with lots of pending sales. Ten pending sales is a high amount. What remains to be seen is how many of those sales actually close, or how many end up back on the market. But again, only two properties back on the market this week, so that's a good indication that we're seeing more of those properties actually close. Overall, volume is up. We've had an up year on the whole.

In news this week, currently right now in Missoula the Water Law Seminar is going on today and tomorrow. Then next week here in Billings there's the Buying and Selling Ranches in Montana seminar. I plan on being there, looking forward to it. It's put on by and large by attorneys. Mike Swan from Swan Land will be speaking about the broker's perspective on real estate as well as some others. So we are looking forward to that.

Also, this week, our fifth episode of the Ranch Investor podcast is out. This episode features long time rural land appraiser Jim French. In that podcast we get into the ins and outs of appraisal, why different appraisers can have different opinions of value, how appraisal value or opinions of value can differ from broker opinions and listing prices, and just a lot of the ins and outs of appraisal. Different purposes for appraisals, how different numbers get generated. So check out that podcast as well as the four preceding. Podcasts are all available at as well as as well as anywhere where you access podcasts.

Thanks everybody. That's the video summary for this week. Please like and share as much as possible, we appreciate that very much. Have a good week, and we will see you next week."