Montana Land Report Summary 8/12/2020 | Video
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Montana Land Report Summary 8/12/2020

August 12th 2020

This is a brief video summary of the weekly Montana Land Report from Montana Land Source for the week of 8/12/2020. The Montana Land Report summarizes the week's activity in the Montana land market, as well as Montana land news and events, and goes out to over 5,000 recipients. For more information go to Please like and subscribe.

"Hi everyone, welcome to this week's summary of the Montana Land Report for August 12, 2020. Another busy week in the Montana land market. A total of 31 property updates over the past week. Many conversations with brokers reporting they're as busy as they've ever been. Lots of interest, lots of activity. Consensus seems to be that there's many people that the Corona virus, and social unrest as well as the ability to work remotely, and that perhaps being a new normal, being something of a tipping point. People who were interested in making a move prior to all of this, now with all those factors are actually making that move. We're still looking forward to watching, as the season progresses and getting into the year results and that kind of thing, to see what the impact truly is. But as of now seems to be very busy and lots of activity.

31 total property updates:
• 5 of those are properties that are back on the market
• 11 are new listings
• 8 are pending sales, which is again lots of pending sales going on
• 4 price changes, and
• 3 sold properties

A lot going on in the news this week. Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is proposing six land transactions/land deals. Three of them are conservation easements and three of them are actual acquisitions. The Commission is having a remote meeting tomorrow August 13th. Information is available on about all of that.

USDA released its annual summary of land values. That data is based on surveys of land managers and land operators. Mostly agricultural properties, doesn't really capture the recreational market and high-end market, more of the production ag. That data is not showing much change, pretty static actually for the past five or so years. Generally we see that that data lags the market a little bit. Usually tends to be a little bit behind. I don't know when those surveys were wrapped up, but surely in the spring. So I don't think any impact from Corona virus and the things we've been seeing this season would have gotten caught in that data. So we'll have to watch that moving forward, but like i said pretty static values across the board on that. We have links on our site to that data as well as a graph I've put together that shows the different land classes and where that data comes in.

We've been excited to announce the podcast we've been producing, part of producing, being made available. The podcasts are out. We have three episodes out. New episodes roll out every two weeks. Those are available at, they're available at, and they're also available anywhere that you access podcasts. They're about 45 minutes each. We're really excited and proud of the content. We're interviewing local experts, we're talking about the land market, talking about trends, talking about land investment. Putting out high quality content out there in the form of podcasts.

And lastly we're into the wildfire season. We've added by default wildfire layers to our map application, so when you open the map app you can see wildfire data. Luckily not a big wildfire season so far, but definitely some fires popping up. A lot of little fires that thankfully aren't getting large and out of control, but we're still got a ways to go in this wildfire season, so you'll be able to track wildfires in our map app and the relation to other map data like listings and solds and whatnot. So we're happy to bring that forward.

Thanks everybody. That's this week's summary. Please like and share this. We're on YouTube, we're on Facebook, we're on LinkedIn, we're on twitter. So like and share please. Thank you. Thanks for your support and we'll see you next week."