Episode 5 - Change is the only constant | The Ranch Investor Podcast

Episode 5 - Change is the only constant

May. 1st 2021

How do we navigate the gentrification of western lands and communities?  What impact does this have on the culture of rural communities?  We hear from one of the most experienced conservation easement appraisers in the nation.  Kim Bennett from Terra Western Associates also has a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology.

Kim has lived in, watched, and experienced the 30-year transition from close-knit, farmer-supported, multi-generational communities to absentee-owned, recreational, and tourist-based economies.  What effect does this have on the legacy and identity of these agricultural areas?  What personal values (and land values) are changing with the attrition of “locals” seeking “economic refuge?”

Tune in to hear quite possibly the deepest discussion we have had on the podcast.