Rahn Land Map Viewer replaced by new Montana Land Source map app

The new Montana Land Source map app is now fully released, and has replaced the original Rahn Land Map Viewer.  The Rahn Land Map Viewer was first released in the summer of 2013 to a small handful of Montana rural land brokers.  Since then it has grown into a must-have tool for rural real estate professionals and anyone interested in rural Montana real estate.  The transition to the new Montana Land Source map app signifies a significant step forward in mapping technology with many additional features and functionality.  We look forward to continuing to develop the ultimate tool for rural Montana real estate.

The Montana Land Source is the online source for Montana real estate market data on properties 200 acres and greater. Listing information is updated daily, with over 1,900 mapped listings and sales.

Subscribers can access the integrated Map-App and will receive weekly Market Updates via email. Register for a demo now.