Episode #5 - Ranch Inverstors Podcast released | Montana Land Source

Episode #5 - Ranch Inverstors Podcast released

Ranch Investors Podcast Episode #5

Episode #5 of the Ranch Investors podcast has been released, and is titled "How did you come up with that value?"  This episode features Montana Certified General Appraiser Jim French.


Some of the topics we discuss in this episode include:

  • Variances in appraisals
  • The ins and outs of different appraisal types and methodologies
  • Marketing times
  • Different definitions of value
  • Appraisal values versus listing values
  • Determining listing prices
  • Importance of highest and best use
  • Comparable sales selection
  • Regional influence on appraisal
  • Use of active listings in valuing property
  • Valuing property components versus the whole
  • Real estate versus business value
  • The value of hunting leases
  • Range of values versus specific value conclusions


Thank you Jim for sharing your expertise!


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