For Land's Sake - 2022 Montana Land Values | Video
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For Land's Sake - 2022 Montana Land Values

April 12th 2022

This is the 21st Annual presentation of the For Land's Sake presentation on Montana Land values and trends, presented February 8, 2022 in Bozeman, Montana.

The annual For Land's Sake presentation is the premier Montana land values event, where the state's top land appraisers share their market data for the benefit of rural real estate industry professionals. Started by Clark Wheeler of Norman C Wheeler & Associates, this year's event also included presentations by Andrew Rahn of Montana Land Source, Wade McAlpine and Christine Murphy from Northwest Farm Credit Services, Tom Kingsbury from Part & Parcel, and Mike McDonnell for Norman C. Wheeler & Associates.

The meeting is always highly attended, as it is the best opportunity of the year to learn in-depth about rural Montana land values and trends.

0:00 Introductions
4:13 Clark Wheeler (Information introduction)
8:05 Andy Rahn (Montana Land Source)
28:13 Mike McDonnell (Overview)
41:34 Christine Murphy (Eastern MT)
57:32 Wade McAlpine (North Central MT)
1:13:15 Mike McDonnell (Western MT)
1:26:39 Tom Kingsbury (Part & Parcel)
1:41:34 Clark Wheeler (New Ranch Order)