Episode 6 - What are you going to do with all that money? | The Ranch Investor Podcast
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Episode 6 - What are you going to do with all that money?

September 11th 2020

What is your exit plan and how do you avoid paying the piper on all that taxable-gain you've just incurred from the sale of your ranch? Don't have a ranch but want one? Here's how you can use the tax code to your benefit the exchange into a ranch. Be prepared to drink through a fire-hose on this episode, their is an abundance of information for those who invest in real estate and would like to move assets or portfolio allocation to farms and ranches.Max A. Hansen, a Montana native, joined Accruit after 27 years as President and CEO of American Equity Exchange, one of the first Section 1031 qualified intermediary companies in the Rocky Mountain Region. For over 40 years, Max has helped taxpayers and real estate professionals successfully complete property exchanges.

As an attorney and Certified Exchange Specialist™, Max has been assisting clients in real estate transactions involving exchanges for over 42 years. Max is licensed to practice and an active member of the State Bars of Montana, Idaho, Utah and California. He is a Past President of the State Bar of Montana and was State Bar Delegate and ABA delegate to the American Bar Association House of Delegates for over 20 years He served on various ABA committees including the Nominating Committee and the Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary and remains a member of the Committee on Sales, Exchanges and Basis of the ABA Section of Taxation.