What is Montana Land Source?

Montana Land Source is an online tool that brings together valuable Montana rural real estate information into one exceptionally convenient and easy to use format – AN ONLINE MAP!  The map displays active listings, pending and current sales along with a vast amount of other useful map data.  The information is updated daily, with over 1,600 mapped listings and sales.  There is not a more comprehensive or easy-to-use source for finding listed Montana farm, ranch and recreational properties 200 acres and greater.


Who uses MT Land Source? Pricing information

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Montana Land Source provides instant and unlimited access to the following information:

  • Mapped Listings, Pending Sales and Sales 200 acres and greater

  • Public Lands

  • Parcels

  • Townships and Sections

  • Conservation Easements

  • Counties

  • Reservation Boundaries

  • Tribal Lands

  • Hunting Districts

  • Wilderness Areas

  • Aerial Maps

  • Topo Maps

  • Terrain Maps

What is MT Land Source? Who uses MT Land Source? Pricing information


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